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LA CASERNE x Nona Source Showroom
Logo Nona Source

NONA-SOURCE is the first online resale platform that revalorizes unsold fabrics and leathers from the most exclusive French Couture Houses. Nona Source provides designers with easy access to high quality fabrics while encouraging the creative reuse of existing resources.

It all started when Romain, an expert in purchasing and manufacturing materials for Givenchy and Kenzo, first discovered the "sleeping beauties", the high-quality fabrics stored in the warehouses of the Couture Houses. He immediately saw the opportunity to give them a new lease on life by boosting their creative potential through a resale platform.

Thanks to DARE, LVMH's intrapreneurial program, an incubator for new projects to transform ideas into concrete solutions. In 2019, Romain meets Marie, materials expert and environmental coordinator at Kenzo, and Anne, head of digital transformation at LVMH.


Their shared passion and commitment to a new model brought them together to bring the project to life. Since 2020 and with the support of LVMH's Environmental Development Department, the team has been working full time on the development of this solution.

Showroom Nona Source La Caserne

Nona Source annual private sale dedicated to students

Showroom Nona Source La Caserne
The Woolmark
Logo Woolmark Company

The Woolmark Company is a non-profit organization and global wool authority. 

Supported by 60,000 Australian wool producers, Woolmark works throughout the production chain to enable the various players in the textile industry to access and market this sustainable fiber.


To support the industry, Woolmark :

- offers sourcing support and educational training on wool

- guarantees the quality of wool fibres

- develops collaborations with international brands

- defends the ecological qualities of wool fiber

Showroom Woolmark Company La Caserne
Showroom Woolmark Company La Caserne
Showroom Woolmark Company La Caserne

The Woolmark logo is a globally recognized mark of quality and sustainability.

The Woolmark certification program tests and guarantees the quality of garments, yarns, fabrics and wool care products.

To discover The Wool Lab sourcing tool and the latest innovations with merino wool, make an appointment by phone or email.

+33 7 63 06 62 62

Espace innovation de la caserne
Espace innovation La Caserne
Espace innovation La Caserne


Designed as a cabinet of curiosities, the innovation space allows everyone to look "elsewhere". The materials that constitute it are there to make us dream of the near future: from the alternative to grape-pomace-based leather from Planet of the Grapes to recycled scraps of leather from RecycLeather, including recycled yarn from Revalorem ... all have in common to engage in dialogue, educate us on the processes used and once again make us aware of the life cycle of the products they will form.

Logo Dorlet
Showroom Dorlet La Caserne

For more than 90 years, Dorlet has supported brands by making accessories to enhance their clothing or leather goods: button, press stud, rivet, hook, buckle, chain, clasp or decorative piece. French specialist in metal, we also work with materials such as Jura wood and materials made from recycled waste.

With unique know-how, our team offers design assistance, 3D resin & metal prototyping, large-scale production, and installation assistance on all material supports.

Showroom Dorlet La Caserne
Showroom Dorlet La Caserne
Showroom Dorlet La Caserne

At the heart of our reflections with our “WE WANT YOU WILD” approach, we offer alternatives to traditional productions and innovate in order to provide concrete solutions to engage the players in the sector towards a more sustainable fashion.

We will welcome you with pleasure at La Caserne or directly at your home.

Appointment request by phone or email


Showroom Dorlet La Caserne

Techtera is the competitiveness cluster dedicated to the French textile industry.


Its mission: to stimulate the competitiveness of a network of more than 250 members through collaborative innovation and the influence of the French textile industry.


Techtera & Circular economy: supporting innovation projects for the textile industry on the circular economy, energizing a network through a dedicated club.


Techtera & La Caserne: connect eco-responsible textile suppliers/manufacturers with fashion and luxury brands.

Espace showroom Techtera
Espace showroom Techtera

Come and discover beautiful French companies and their know-how in the fabric library!


Among the companies present:  The weavings of Charlieu ,  Satab ,  Devaux ,  JRC Reflex ,  Chamatex ,  Sofileta


Appointment arrangements  


Contact: Lucie Lagarrigue –  - 04 81 13 15 26


Appointment on site at least 10 days in advance

Appointment by videoconference: during the week of the request

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