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ENAMOMA I PSL is a partner of LA CASERNE to contribute through higher education and research to the construction of a responsible and social fashion.

The Fashion and Materials program is a committed, interdisciplinary space for experimentation that brings together academic and professional expertise in order to train future actors in design, management and engineering.

the strength of teamwork

The ENAMOMA program is the result of the close collaboration of three prestigious institutions of the PSL University: 


  •  Dauphine - PSL, a leading institution of higher learning in organizational and decision sciences.

  •  École des Arts Décoratifs, which trains authors, designers, creators and researchers of high artistic level, fashion and textile designers, object, image and space designers.

  • MINES Paris - PSL, which trains high-level engineers capable of solving complex problems in a wide variety of fields.


commitment TO THE FUTURE

The focus on exploration projects allows students to reflect on the transformation of the fashion and textile sector.


The program, taught in English, aims to train students to be open and responsive to the plurality of societal issues, and to develop innovative creative and structural proposals.


ENAMOMA is an innovative meeting place for students, teachers, researchers and professionals working in the fields of design, management and engineering sciences. 


The requirements of eco-design are at the heart of the teaching, where the subjects play an essential role. 


Research in fashion and textile design, and developments in materials science and engineering and organizational science are focused on the human being and the user.


the meeting of knowledge

ENAMOMA offers workshops and projects, many of which are developed in partnership with companies and institutions. 


The transversality of the students points of view and the power of collective work augur well for fruitful encounters at LA CASERNE, to imagine and build innovative solutions for the future of fashion.


PSL University is number 1 in the 2022 world ranking of young universities published by the Times Higher Education. Selective and committed to equal opportunity, PSL University attracts high-potential, creative and daring students from around the world. It aims to create a new generation of researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, managers and artists who are open to multidisciplinarity and innovation.

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