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In this episode, let’s discover Tilli, a home sewing service. With advice, modifications, repairs, embroideries, accessories’ creation and upcycling of old-fashioned clothes, Tilli offers a wide range of services which allows anyone to find the right thing. Besides offering a second (or even a third, a fourth….) life to its customers’ clothes, Tilli highlights the (sometimes) forgotten profession of dressmaker. Another great strength of Tilli is its availability : you can ask for a dressmaker 24/7 from 7am to 10pm, and the service is available in several cities in France. Otherwise, you can also visit the Tilli’s shop, in the heart of Saint-George neighbourhood in Paris. 

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Beryl de Labouchere

The Good Goods is the first eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle media. Between videos, articles and podcasts, you will find what you are looking for among different formats offered by this omnicanal media. The Good Goods was created by Victoire and Thibault Satto, who are brothers and sisters and partners. Through social media, they give us tips to take care of our clothes and make them last, they tell us about the latest textile innovations, and they make us discover a section of committed brands. Actually, they give us all the tools we need to adopt a more responsible consumption and their are part of the Residence #1 at LA CASERNE. 

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Victory and Thibault Satto
The Good Goods


Have you ever heard of Tekyn ? It is a on-demand textile production service that allows to produce less and better thanks to robotic and digital technologies. In order to do this, they offer a just-in-time production by manufacturing products according to the real evolution of sales. In other words, brands can produce only what they need, avoiding overstocking and saving money by selling better. With factories located in France and Eastern Europe, Tekyn enables an optimization of materials and stocks. In addition to this, Tekyn ensures that the garment’s production will be sold thanks to a production and delivery schedule previously defined and adjusted to the brand’s needs. 

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Donatien Mourmant and
Pierre de Chanville
Fairly Made



Thanks to their respective experiences in the fashion industry, Laure and Camille realized the lack of effective and concrete means to create a sustainable collection from start to finish. Therefore, they decided to go back up the whole production chain of the textile industry by meeting raw materials’ producers and visiting many factories. Fairly Made was born ! The aim of this service is to reduce the huge impact the textile industry currently has, as much at the human level, the social level as the environmental level. In order to do so, Fairly Made offers a wide choice of biological, ethical and recycled materials, a big network of eco-friendly factories which also respect workers’ rights, as well as an analysis of service of products’ traceability allowing to reshape supply chains toward an ethical and eco-friendly production. The icing on the cake is that they are part of the Residence #1 at LA CASERNE ! 

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Laura Betsch and
Camille Legal


Adapta is a solution for sourcing materials from dormant stocks. What does this means ? It means that Adapta fights against waste and overproduction of materials, while allowing designers and craftspersons to get quality materials at a reasonable cost : to kill two birds with one stone! 

Virginie travels throughout France to carefully select quality leathers from dormant stocks of leather producers, luxury houses and finished products manufacturers. This approach promotes a local economy which allows those who wish to do so to turn towards a more eco-friendly production. Adapta ensures, with transparency, the traceability of leathers which are to sell, and offers a second lease of life to old leather which would have been destroyed if not salvaged. This initiative is part of a global awareness of the need to better manage production volumes and to reorganize supply chains in order to make them more eco-friendly. You can come and discover the materials sourced by Adapta in the raw materials showroom of LA CASERNE. 

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Virginia Ducatillon

Alexandre Végétal Art is a factory of hand-made printing with flat frames on fabric. The founder Catherine Alexandre offers alternatives to traditional polluting dyes thanks to vegetable and handmade inks she applies by silkscreen printing on textiles. Catherine introduces herself as a witch in color : she was inspired by old books to create « magic potions » allowing to dye materials in a different way to create AVA. She uses inks with many virtues : they are respectful of the environment and of the human being and provided with a good holding to washing. Also, this ink does not require much water for its production. AVA is not only a factory, it is also a place of share and transmission. Catherine offers workshops to professional and private individuals to teach them dyes and colors. 

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Catherine Alexander

This time, let’s talk about Homemakers. It is an inclusive fablab dedicated to textile and design, and located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. This fablab, open to everyone, offers all kinds of machines and spaces to enable creators and private individuals to give free rein to their imagination. This initiative highlights the circular economy, collaboration, local savoir-faire, inclusivity and responsibility, with a link to fashion. In addition to this, this place allows everyone, and especially young designers, to try new techniques and innovate in their creations. The idea is to create a real community, focused on ecological, social and citizen transition.

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Julia Lim, Adrien Poznanski and Gilles Bessard du Parc




13’Atipik’s mission is integration through sewing. This workshop and integration site was created in 2012 by Sahouda Maalem in Marseille. It offers brands to produce their collection in small, medium or large quantities. Within the workshop, there are nearly 30 employees in a reintegration situation. Each of them arrives at 13’Atipik with his or her own cultural background and savoir faire : the idea is to share everything so that everyone can play his part. This is what makes the wealth of the workshop. It is also specialized in the warp and weft and in the upcycling : 13’Atipik fosters through her approach local fashion in short circuit and the sharing of knowledge regarding sewing. Moreover, 13’Atipik has a strong capacity of adaptation, as shown in the conversion of the workshop, initially specialized in women ready-to-wear, into a space of masks conception for the general public and large companies in the context of the coronavirus crisis. 

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Sahouda Maalem



Jeremy Ayache

Close to Clothes is a company that deals with the labels and packaging of our clothes. Yes, even if at first glance it may seem insignificant, these are elements to be taken into account to reduce the overall impact of a product. When you call on Close to Clothes, not only do they offer you eco-design formats, but they also adapt to you for the place of production, so as to be as close as possible to your garment maker (Close to your clothes!). The icing on the cake: you can find them in the showroom of responsible raw materials at La Caserne! 

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Close to Clothes



Tianze Zhu

Zeno Tech est une entreprise de biologie synthétique dont l'objectif est d'utiliser des micro-organismes pour apporter des solutions durables au secteur de la mode.
L'entreprise dispose d'un pool de souches bactériennes collectées dans le monde entier pour produire différents pigments et colorants. Ils constituent une solution alternative parfaite pour la teinture des textiles.
Les teintures traditionnelles nécessitent généralement des composés toxiques pour être synthétisées et consomment beaucoup d'énergie. Zeno Tech utilise une technique de conversion biologique beaucoup plus verte pour obtenir le même effet.
Zeno Tech est partenaires d'une série d'entreprises du secteur de la mode pour un avenir durable et est l'un des Kering Generation Awards 2021 !

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