Alice Balas is a brand of handcrafted leather, made in France, whose signature is the refinement of iconic pieces of the functional wardrobe.


Her strong desire to co-create with customers, buyers and other brands and artists makes Alice Balas a reference in limited-edition production. 


Its approach guarantees the quality of the product and its transmission over time, while preserving the notion of singularity. All of this is part of a transformation of consumption patterns in the ready-to-wear industry.

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Orelsan et Sébastian Strappazzon

Founded in 2014 by two friends from the world of fashion and music - Orelsan and Sébastian Strappazzon - Avnier addresses open people with a sharp and demanding style.


It is without really wanting that the brand becomes a reference in the ready-to-wear unisex, since its pieces attract both women and men. Orelsan and Sébastian chose to have their production centralize in Europe. Sometimes they work with French brands like Saint-James to make collections locally produced.

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Lilian, Fred and Elise


Awake is a watch brand made of recycled materials. From the dial to the bracelet and the hands move powered by solar energy, nothing is left behind.

Lilian Thibault, the founder, wants to combine innovation and respect for the environment. Through this two pillars, he pictures our future. The watch industry can commit herself too, alongside the ready-to-wear one : Awake is the perfect example for that. 

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Benjamin Benmoyal graduated from the Central Saint Martins School in London. He studied new methods for using sustainable fabrics.


Drawing on his knowledge acquired during his studies, he launched his eponymous brand where he reworked fabrics and made his own tweed. 


He developed a new weaving technique : he uses magnetic tapes from old cassette and video tapes, which he mixes with threads to make his own fabrics. His collections are all in volume and voluptuous shapes, must see !

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Clémence Cahu


Clémence saw it when she was a little girl. She was playing in the family owned factory of inflatable games. She saw this PVC fabric strips, luminous, shiny and smooth to the touch. Clémence took some with her and made a pencil case. Cahu was born. 

Today she combine that same PVC fabric with the best cottons and the finest leathers to make beautiful and practical bags.

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Achille Gazagnes, Simon de Swarte et Benoît Habfast


Caval is founded by three friends who once refused to wear symmetrical shoes.

The observation is simple, why should we wear the same shoes when we have two feet? Caval is born!

The creators give a lot of importance to the design and comfort, but they don't stop here. With its 100% European production and its earth-friendly materials choices, Caval is a brand committed to the environment. It is also a brand which try to have a positive social impact : Caval works with associations in order to act in favor of people with disabilities.

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Romain Trebuil & Alex Auroux


Circle is a sportswear eco-friendly brand founded by Romain Trebuil and Alex Auroux. Circle offers designed clothing for yoga and running, made from recycled or recyclable materials.


Circle tends to have no impact on the environment with a local production and the establishment of a circular economy within the company. Circle also promotes responsible sports activity and support nature well being by health !

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Florent Coltesse


Coltesse is a creative and qualitative brand, made for adults who have kept their child’s soul. 

Since the beginning, productions have been conceived with respect for man and for the planet. European production and the choice of materials are the result of responsible reflection. In an approach of increasing improvement, the brand has brought back the production of its pants in France since 2019.




Revealed at the Hyères Festival in 2014, in which she won the Audience Prize, the designer Coralie Marabelle launches her eponymous brand in January 2016.


Since then, she has moved forward at her own pace. The brand is committed to a better fashion future. All the collections are made in European factories (mainly in France) that are respectful of people and the environment. All of her collections are produced in limited quantities to avoid over-stock and waste. 

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Diane Ducasse


"Dada Diane Ducasse", it's the story of a young girl, born in Paris in 1989. Passionate by fashion, she decides to create a male wardrobe adapted to women.

Her varied and rich path gave Diane the desire to undertake her own personal and qualitative project. For that she surrounds herself  with the best European craftsperson. DADA style is born : it combine sobriety with modernity in the cuts and in the material choices. DADA plays with knots, with colors and with the finishing touches.

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Bastien Beny and Simon Delacour

Founded in 2016 by Bastien Beny and Simon Delacour, domestique (without capital 'd') is an accessory brand, inspired by desire and by everyday objects.

The exclusive use of vegetable tanned leather from Italy make it possible to produce more sustainable pieces. 

Unlike fast fashion, the manufacture it's all done by hand and by order, in Paris. 


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Laura Gauthier Petit

Fête Impériale is a creative studio founded by Laura Gauthier Petit in Paris in 2015. Fête Impériale is a rich, colorful wardrobe, full of history and flowery, sometimes alternative, always very feminine.  It is also a padded interior, decorated with velvet and wide curtains themselves punctuated by rare marbles or waxed concrete.

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Clémence Wurtz

Flair is a brand founded in 2019 by Clémence Wurtz, who wants to show that women have to be able to move as they need and as they want without deny their femininity. The time when women needed to put their top back properly after each movement is done !


Flair is a brand specialized in bodies 100% Made In France. With Flair, Clémence wants to take part in tomorrow's world, more sustainable but without lose touch with the elegance. "Osez la liberté, vivez en body !" 

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